The world has changed a lot, as technology has advanced our thoughts. However, our eating needs to change back to make us healthier and happier.

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Even though we have the internet available and think we are intelligent enough, there is always something to learn and improve. Nevertheless, it’s almost impossible to realize how much improvement we can make by changing our eating habits.

Esta receita é simples e fácil de fazer e, traz lembranças da infância.

Receita caseira de Cristais de Laranja

Sempre que preciso de 1 laranja, procuro descascar com cuidado, retirando apenas a casca amarela (deixando a parte branca na fruta). Então corto em fatias finas, coloco de molho por 3 dias (trocando a água diariamente). …

This recipe is simple, easy to make, and brings childhood memories.

Orange Crystals — Homemade Recipe

Every time I need an orange, I used to peel it off carefully (without the white part). Then, I cut into tiny slices and soak them in water for 3 days — draining and changing this water daily. After…

If you compare the effects of a diet restricting fructose from both added sugars and fruits to one that restricts fructose only from added sugars, the diet that kept the fruit did better. People lost more weight even with the extra fruit than those whose diet restricted all fructose.



Spiritualist, Vegan. I write about Lifestyle, Habits and how you can improve Focus and Performance. Galway, IE

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